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Worship Central Set Apart CD

Worship Central Set Apart CD

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1. The Way

2. Stand Up

3. Can't Stop Your Love

4. Set Apart

5. Pursue Me

6. Awesome is He

7. Worth it All

8. All That I Am

9. Enough Light

10. Let Go

11. Your Cross is Enough

12. Dead Things To Life

13. Singing Over Us

14. Wide Open Spaces

Featuring Tim Hughes, Luke Hellebronth, Ben Cantelon, and Karen Gillespie

Worship Central follows their Let It Be Known project with this new live recording, Set Apart. The album consists of 14 brand new songs written for the Church and features Tim Hughes, Ben Cantelon, Luke Hellenbroth and Nikki Fletcher. Based in London, Worship Central is a training school and focuses on equipping and empowering local church worship leaders by offering free training courses and networking local leaders around the globe.