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The Sandlot Heading Home DVD

The Sandlot Heading Home DVD

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Take the field with a new lineup of scrappy sandlot sluggers! Starring Luke Perry as a pampered pro athlete who rediscovers his love for the game, The Sandlot: Heading Home is a pulse-pounding and heartwarming tale about losing your ego, putting your friends first...and winning it all!

Major league baseball superstar Tommy Santorelli (Perry) racks up great numbers at the plate, but his "me-first" attitude drags his team down. But Tommy gets a second chance when he's knocked unconscious by a pitch and wakes up as a 12-year-old on his childhood playing field...the sandlot! Now, with a greedy developer, Earl Needman, threatening to bulldoze the sandlot unless Tommy's ragtag friends can beat Needman's much-better team, Tommy must decide whether to put his own interests first by switching teams...or stay true to his friends by leading them to their greatest victory yet!

If good things happen to good people, does it follows that bad things happen to bad people or do bad things happen to help people become better? In this third movie of the Sandlot trilogy, the famous and very egocentric baseball player Tommy Santorelli of the Los Angeles Dodgers is knocked unconscious during batting practice and wakes up 29 years in the past. As a 12-year-old boy with the intellect and memories of a 41-year-old, Tommy finds himself surrounded by old friends at a long-forgotten sandlot and completely confused about whether it's all some kind of trauma-induced dream or a second chance to re-live his life. His initial fury is gradually replaced by a grudging acceptance and the realization that he's been given a rare opportunity to spend time with his dying mother. Tommy's disdain for the local sandlot players and his conceited attitude put him at odds with his old friends, but his top-notch baseball skills eventually win their admiration and secure him a place on the team. As Tommy unwillingly assumes a teaching role, he begins to understand the importance of teamwork and mentorship and the Sandlot team improves dramatically. In the end, Tommy is forced to make a personal choice between friendship and fame; a choice that will impact the team's ability to win the Little League Tournament, determine the very fate of the local sandlot, and greatly affect Tommy's own future. (Ages 6 and older) --Tami Horiuchi


  • Rated PG
  • Run Time: 96 minutes