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NOOMA Rhythm 011 DVD

NOOMA Rhythm 011 DVD

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Wits End is discontinuing all items authored by Rob Bell due to Bell's changes in theology. Though some will criticize us for selling what we have left, these NOOMA videos depict a powerful message that is still accurate and useful despite Bell's new beliefs. As with anything you read or listen to, please use discernment and base all against the authority of Scripture.

Nooma is a revolutionary product that is changing the way people experience spirituality – a series of short films on DVD with a 32 page discussion guide. It's not a book or a cassette tape. And it's not a CD or a two-hour movie. It's a new format called NOOMA® ― short films, between 10 and 14 minutes long, about God and our lives. Since its limited online release in November 2002, NOOMA has impacted millions of people. Because of this initial success and great potential, Zondervan has partnered with NOOMA to bring these films to the world. NOOMAs are appropriate for personal and small group settings, congregational meetings, and much more. Like parables, they use the experiences of our lives to teach about the fullness of life through Jesus, tackling issues like forgiveness, discipleship, and unconditional love. The study materials accompanying each NOOMA encourage meaningful discussion with relevant questions and biblical references.