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Thousand Foot Krutch Deja Vu 3CD
Thousand Foot Krutch Deja Vu 3CD

Thousand Foot Krutch Deja Vu 3CD

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3 Full CDs. Sealed. Comes in Jewel Case. Crack in Jewel Case. No affect on the CDs.

01. Phenomenon
02. Step to Me
03. Last Words
04. This Is A Call
05. Rawkfist
06. Faith, Love and Happiness
07. I Climb
08. Quicken
09. New Design
10. Bounce
11. Ordinary
12. Break the Silence
01. Absolute
02. Slow Bleed
03. The Art Of Breaking
04. Stranger
05. Hurt
06. Hand Grenade
07. Move
08. Hit The Door
09. Go
10. Make Me A Believer
11. Breathe You In
01. The Flame In All Of Us
02. Falls Apart
03. New Drug
04. What Do We Know
05. Favorite Disease
06. My Home
07. My Own Enemy
08. Learn To Breathe
09. Inhuman
10. Broken Wing
11. The Safest Place
12. Wish You Well
In the past 9 years, Thousand Foot Krutch have made a name for themselves and delighted fans with their infectious rock anthems “Rawkfist”, “Move”, “Phenomenon”, and countless others while selling over 600,000 albums in the process. In September 2009 they will release their brand new album Welcome To The Masquerade generating major awareness which is the best time to remind current and new fans of TFK’s rich catalog. In anticipation of this, Tooth & Nail Records will release Déjà vu: The TFK Anthology a 36 song, 3-CD set including all the songs from TFK’s three albums: Phenomenon, The Art Of Breaking, & The Flame In All Of Us. This new anthology will be a great addition for fans that may not have all TFK’s best-selling catalog as well as a great way for new fans to discover and get all three catalog albums for a great price. Collections like this are a great way for stores to carry all of TFK’s albums in one SKU and make great gifts for the upcoming holiday season. 

  • Includes all 3 of TFK’s catalog albums: Phenomenon, The Art Of Breaking, & The Flame In All Of Us
  • Includes the hit songs “Rawkfist”, “Move”, “Phenomenon”, “Falls Apart”, and more
  • New album releasing on same day which will drive awareness for Anthology
  • Major marketing campaign in tandem with new album release on 9/8/09
  • Great way to carry all of TFK catalog in just one SKU!

    With over 1 million units sold and 4 top 25 Active Rock hits, Thousand Foot Krutch continues to reach new fans every year. Over their 18 year career, Thousand Foot Krutch (TFK) has infiltrated every facet of pop culture, from ongoing ESPN appearances, to various NASCAR, MLB, NHL, and NFL airings (including the 2010 Super Bowl), along with the “GI Joe” movie trailer, WGN-TV’s “Smallville” and EA Sports’ “NHL 2010” video game.