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Sting & Shaggy 44/876 CD
Sting & Shaggy 44/876 CD

Sting & Shaggy 44/876 CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Digipak Case.

1 Wildest Dreams
2 Hey Baby Boy
3 My Baby Likes Bacon
4 Noah
5 Winter in My Heart
6 Peace
7 Mi Niña Bella
8 Sweet Dreams (Close Your Eyes)
9 Mansell's Waltz
10 Mother's Day
11 Esso Esso
12 I Can't Wait to Meet You
13 The Moment You Were Born
14 Hopes & Dreams
15 Dream Big

    2018 release, a collaboration between former Police frontman and solo superstar Sting and Jamaican singer/songwriter Shaggy. The island-influenced album reflects their mutual love of Jamaica - it's music, the spirit of it's people and vibrancy of it's culture. Sting and Shaggy wrote and jammed together for a few weeks in New York City, creating music that seamlessly blends Caribbean rhythms-in traditional and modern styles-with pop craftsmanship and rock energy.