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Vineyard The Lamb Has Conquered CD

Vineyard The Lamb Has Conquered CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Jewel Case.

1 - The Lamb Has Conquered

2 - Fall Upon Me

3 - He Is Good

4 - On The Wooden Cross

5 - He Bleeds

6 - See The Risen Lord

7 - We Adore You

8 - The Lord Is My Shepherd

9 - Move In Our Lives

10 - Spirit Of Jesus

11 - To The Only God

12 - Worthy Is The Lamb

The Lamb Has Conquered features a magnificent selection of 12 dynamic new worship songs sung in the Vineyard churches throughout the UK. Worship leaders Sam Lane and Kate Cooke bring honesty, passion and guitar-driven momentum to these wonderful anthems, penned at the South Hampton Vineyard. The songs focus on the redemptive power of the incarnate Jesus raised to life for us. There is a strong declaration of the love and sacrifice of Jesus through songs which are sometimes very personal and reflective, and other times powerful and victorious. These sung prayers are dynamically, passionately and sensitively supported musically.