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Delirious MezzaMorphis CD

Delirious MezzaMorphis CD

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Sealed. Comes in Jewel Case.

01. The Mezzanine Floor
02. Heaven
03. Follow
04. Bliss
05. Beautiful Sun
06. Metamorphis
07. See The Star
08. Gravity
09. It's OK
10. Love Falls Down
11. Blindfold
12. Kiss Your Feet
13. Jesus' Blood
14. Deeper
Delirious worships through lyrics that are insightful, prophetic, encouraging, and honest. They probe into themes essential to the Christian faith--communion, salvation, social responsibility, hope, and love--with a sincerity that gives substance to their work.

Someone once called Delirious? the flag bearers for a generation. Nice enough perhaps, but to those that choose to listen they're more like the baggage handlers.


From church hall to stadium, home recordings to national airplay, part time hobby to life's body of work… but the numbers, the chic, the polish are all unimportant: what has been truly impressive about the Delirious? journey so far is their, well, it's their journey…

In 1994 the band's first incarnation - known then as the Cutting Edge band - provided left of centre worship for a hometown event. It was there that songs like 'I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever', 'Shout To The North', 'The Happy Song', and 'Lord You Have My Heart' first saw the light of day. They are the songs that tell the story of passion and excitement, the songs of innocence.

The songs got out, the buzz turned into an epidemic and Delirious? was formed. Singles were released, albums too, and by 1997 the whole thing had gone international. The journey offered tracks like 'Deeper', 'Sanctify' and 'HistoryMaker': songs that added massive doses of ambition and confidence to the intimacy of the early work. These are the songs of a people on the move, the songs of optimism.

With more albums came more success. New countries were visited, new friendships formed and the Delirious? message caught the attention of an intrigued media. And the songs? From the hushed truth of 'Jesus Blood' from 'Glo' to the intense vulnerability of their latest album 'Touch', Delirious? have made camp oncemore. They may be a long way from home, but the surroundings are strangely familiar: the honesty, the determination and the passion.