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Auto-B-Good Fast Lane DVD

Auto-B-Good Fast Lane DVD

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Episode 1 - Squeaky Clean (Hygiene) When EJ neglects his daily maintenance, it costs Franklin first prize at the annual flower show. EJ quickly learns that lack of good hygiene habits can cost you friends and a whole lot more. Music video: Come Away Clean Episode 2 - Rising to the Occasion (Bravery) Documenting true bravery eludes Izzi until car thugs threaten the peace and EJ provides her with an illuminating example. Music video: Make a Difference for the Lord Episode 3 - Movie "FX" (Decency) EJ sees a movie that exceeds his "mileage rating" (age limit) and his friends notice his behavior changes for the worse. Radical steps are needed to restore EJ's decent behavior. Music video: Christ Has Forgiven You Bonus episode - Uninvited Guests (Resourcefulness) Cali, Maria and Izzi are on an adventure to find the Secret Waterfall. First they get lost, then bad turns to worse when Maria breaks her axle - just as night falls!