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Auto-B-Good Playing it Fair DVD

Auto-B-Good Playing it Fair DVD

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Includes 3 Brand NEW Christian Music Videos: "True Friend" "A Helping Hand" "All About Your Attitude" Chapter 1 - Monster Trap EJ has discovered a monster lurking outside the City of Auto, but everyone thinks EJ is off his axle except for Izzi, who is willing to believe her friend. Chapter 2 - CARnival The whole crew is needed to set up an old-fashioned carnival, but EJ is goofing off. It's a good thing his friends are around to teach EJ the value of being helpful. Chapter 3 - Lug Nutt When the old vaudeville team of Lug Nutt & Dipstick comes to town, Miles learns how enthusiasm leads to success... or is that the other way around? Bonus Episode - Center of the Universe