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Michael Boggs More Like a Lion CD

Michael Boggs More Like a Lion CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Jewel Case.

1. Turn Around, 2. Our Hallelujah, 3. Rise, 4. What Would Jesus Undo, 5. Resurrection and the Life, 6. Alive, 7. Heart on My Sleeve, 8. Head to the Heart, 9. Deep Deep Love, 10. Song in Me, 11. We Will Sing Jesus, 12. What I Already Know

Description Former member of multiple Dove award winning group FFH, Michael Boggs has been busy since the group decided to take a break in 2008. Michael has been touring extensively, leading a weekly worship service in Nashville for an average of 1,000 college students, and been nominated for several songwriting Dove Awards. These eleven original tracks are an outpouring of Michael's experience in ministry and music. The breakout single "What Would Jesus Undo" centers around the idea that grace should be at the forefront of the church. "The message of the song is less about pointing fingers and more about each of asking ourselves, "What Would Jesus undo in me? I think He would undo any barrier that stands between Him and the people that He loves. Maybe it's hypocrisy saying one thing and doing another. Maybe it's judgement, anger, or resentment. I think there are things that Jesus would undo in each of us because He wants His people to be built on the foundations of love and compassion."