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An Alternative to Complaining

What do you do when life gets hard? Too often we end up acting like the Israelites after they had been delivered from their bondage in Egypt. As they made their way toward the land God had promised them, they encountered hardships and complained.

But there is an alternative to complaining. In Revelation 8:3-4, John watches the unfolding of God's plan and he notices that when troubles are stirring on the earth, the prayers of the people of God rise to heaven.

In Hebrews 4:16 we are told that we can come in prayer before the throne of God and find the help we need. So ask for help from the One who longs to help you. It's a better choice than grumbling. Press His grip.

Exodus 14:11-12; 15:24; 16:1-2

Coach's tip - Your lack of response to a text still sends a message. Maybe it's the message you want to send. But maybe it's not.

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