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Between the Already and Not Yet

As Christians, we rejoice that There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. But we struggle between the already and not yet. Today, we are already justified (made right with God); and we are in the process of being sanctified (becoming more like Jesus); and we long for the day where we will be glorified (free from the sinful flesh). Being born again takes a moment of faith. But becoming like Christ is a lifelong process.

If, I, being a Christian, try to struggle with sin in my own strength, I am slipping into the grasp of sin’s power.

  • Knowledge is not the answer. The more we know of God’s Law, the more we realize we fall short.
  • Self-determination (struggling in one’s own strength) doesn’t succeed. On our own, we virtually have no power to refrain from evil.
  • Becoming a Christian doesn’t stop all sin and temptation from a person’s life. Which is why the Bible warns us not to yield to the desires of the flesh.

We must take hold of the tremendous power of Christ that is available to us through the Holy Spirit. If we look to Him for help, we will not have to give in to sin. Let the reality of Christ’s power lift you up to real victory over sin…in His grip.

Romans 7:14-8:1

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