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Blindness Exposed

A minister was preaching on Glasgow Greene in Scotland once when someone asked permission to speak and made his way to the platform.  Friends, he said, responding to the words of the minister, I do not believe what this man has been talking about.  I do not believe in a hell, in a judgment or in a God, for I have never seen any of them.

He continued talking this way for awhile when another voice was heard from the crowd.  May I speak?  The unbeliever sat down and the next man began.  Friends, you say there is a river running not far from this place, the River Clyde.  There's no such thing.  It's not true.  You tell me there are grass and trees growing around me where I now stand.  There's no such thing.  That's also untrue.  You tell me there are a great many people standing here before me and again I say this is not true, there's no one standing here except myself, I'm alone.  I suppose you wonder what I'm talking about.  Friends, I was born blind.  I've never seen any of you.  And while I talk it only shows I am blind or I wouldn't say such things.  And you, you unbeliever, the more you talk the more it exposes your own blindness."

Good speech. Are you ignorant of the righteousness of God? His holy standard?  Ignorant of the provision of Christ? Are you rejecting Christianity because there's some people that are Christians that you don't like and you won't accept? May God remove the blinders and help you see how much He loves you and wants a relationship with His grip.

Romans 10:16-21

Coach's tip - The time you have missed with your family is gone forever. Don't waste the time that is left.

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