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Complaining Again

It happened again. As the Israelites encountered danger, shortages, and inconvenience, they complained bitterly and longed to be back in Egypt. But as always, God provided for their needs. Difficult circumstances often lead to stress, and complaining is a natural response. The Israelites didn't really want to be back in Egypt, they just wanted life to get a little easier.

God promised to meet the Hebrews' need for food in the desert, but He decided to test their obedience. God wanted to see if they would obey His detailed instructions. We can learn to trust Him as our Lord only by following. We can learn to obey by taking small steps of obedience. Is God sending you through a time of testing? How are you handling it? His grip.

In the desert the whole community grumbled against Moses and Aaron. Exodus 16:12 NIV

Coach't tip - Burnout does not happen because of working hard; burnout happens from not meeting expectations.

Life Application

Tip from John MacArthur

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