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Constant Worship

People sometimes wonder what they will do in heaven...forever. Will you play a harp in heaven? Probably not. Will you sit around on a cloud? Don't think so. Will you get bored? Definitely not!

In Revelation 4:6-11 we get a glimpse into heaven, and the picture painted for us is quite unlike popular conceptions. Vibrant, participatory worship is the constant activity in heaven. In God's presence, in His glorious splendor, the inhabitants of heaven ceaselessly celebrate His greatness. As various facets of God's splendor come into focus, all heaven erupts in joyous celebration. All of heaven is forever caught up with and impressed with God. In addition to constant worship, we will have jobs to do and incredible fulfillment.

Start practicing for heaven today. Learn to worship Him with every part of your life, every aspect of your being, every moment of your His grip.

You are worthy, O Lord our God, to receive glory and honor and power...Revelation 4:11

Coach's tip - It's easy to be like Jesus...until you have to be like Jesus

Constant Worship from the Discover God Study Bible

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