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Crazy Busy


One of my greatest fears in life is that, in my busyness of doing good, I missed out on that which was best. Life can get crazy busy. You ask the typical person, How are you? and they will say, Busy!

What they are really saying is: On most days, my responsibilities, requirements, and ambitions add up to much more than I can handle. I am stressed out, impatient, and then deal with added guilt for feeling this way.

Ever had questions like: What am I doing? How did I get myself into this mess? When will I ever get my life under control? How long can I keep this up? Why can’t I manage my time? Why did I say ‘yes’ to this? How did I get so busy?  

We’ve all admitted to poor planning and poor decision making. We’ve complained about our schedule, missed too many quiet times and been too impatient with the kids. We’ve taken our spouse for granted and fed important relationships with leftovers. All the time wondering how does one really pursue God with their whole heart, soul, mind and strength?

Few of us want to keep the same pace for the rest of our life. In fact, it’s like we probably can’t. If your life is crazy busy, ask God to help you with strength and wisdom to do exactly what He wants – nothing more, nothing less. Aren’t you glad that we have a God we can trust…in His grip.

Proverbs 19:21

Coach's tip – Life’s greatest tragedy is to lose God and not to miss Him.

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Crazy Busy by Kevin DeYoung

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