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Paul, when dealing with the Romans (in ch.2), wanted to destroy their false security. I suppose at first thought one could assume that was cruel. To take away a man's security is something very cruel but it's actually the opposite. Because the man who has a false security needs to know how false it really is.

If you had spent your life savings to purchase an insurance policy to protect you and your spouse and your family and someone came to you and said, I want to tell you something, no such company exists. The whole thing is a fraud. 

You wouldn't say to the man, Leave me alone. I'm happy in my false security. I was content until you got here. Now you messed up everything. No, instead, you would thank the man and say, Show me the evidence. And if the man was right, you'd be so deeply grateful because then you could pursue a true security. 

That is, essentially, what Paul is doing. And you and I have the responsibility to tell the truth when someone believes in a false religion or a false ideology that is damning. It is necessary to tear down people's false securities in order to reveal their danger. And then to offer to them the True Security - faith in Jesus Christ. We're not being cruel to point out the falseness of their beliefs. We're being His grip.

Coach's tip - God is so good! He works things out even when I'm stupid.

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