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Do you consider yourself strong?


It’s difficult to answer that question with a simple yes or no. My kids, when they were little, thought I was strong (they also thought I could fix anything). Now, not as much. What about spiritually? Are you strong there?

The Bible gives us a very clear warning about thinking we are (standing) strong. I can almost bet you about one thing – you’re probably not as strong as you tell people you are. You may not even be as strong as you think you are. Here’s a prayer that I read that I wanted to share with you today. Consider making this your prayer: Lord, never give me the opportunity to sin when I have the desire; or the desire to sin when I have the opportunity.

Because when the opportunity and desire to sin intersect, most will make a bad choice. While we may not always be able to control our desires, we can usually control our environment. We can eliminate opportunities to sin. It’s crucial that we make such choices during times when we are strong. In essence, when we’re strong we must make decisions to protect ourselves from times of weakness. If we don’t break the cycle at the enticement or conception stages, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to prevent ourselves from acting out.

A wise man once said, Once you put your foot on the slippery slope, you’re certain to fall.

in His grip.

1 Corinthians 10:12-13

Coach's tip – Get accountability. Tell someone you trust who will love you no less after you have told them how you are really doing.

Happy Birthday to Nadia Zevauos and Elizabeth Blonde …I prayed for you today.

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Happy 19th Wedding Anniversary to Chris & Elizabeth Booth  …I prayed for your marriage today.

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Do you consider…by Bill Perkins

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