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God's Not Mad At You

What God says about believers is reality - anything different is a lie. God says that believers are not and will never be condemned. God has already handed out the punishment for your sin through the cross of Christ - and He has declared that you, His child, can never be under His condemnation. 

Therefore, never let anyone or anything make you think that God is mad at you. God's not mad at you! You will experience His loving disciple but never His condemnation. In Romans 8:34 Paul asks who will condemn one of God's children. The answer is, "No one!" Certainly not God Himself, for He has said you are in right relationship with Him. 

The next time you hear the voice of condemnation in your ears, shout triumphantly, "NO CONDEMNATION!"

Romans 8:1 So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus

Coach's tip - I remember when Walter Cronkite (as a boy) and Tom Brokaw would give you the news and you just believed what they were telling you was true. That is not the case today. 

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