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Hole in My Soul - pt.2

Back-stage conversations don't come naturally to most of us. Talking honestly about the messiness of our private, interior world feels risky. It's safer to limit the conversation to the front-stage. But the key to the Christian life is found back-stage, and the only way to be healthy is to pay attention to it. 

This is what Jesus taught - that the Christian life is inside out. He taught that out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks. He taught that the root (back-stage) determines the fruit (front-stage). 

Life, and ministry, sucks energy out of us, and the result is we are running on empty. Even to our children, we speak and instruct and deep down we know we're teaching about a life we aren't living. Imagine your soul is a bucket. There are two forces that will put holes in your bucket and drain out the life.

First, there are external forces. The daily-grind and the pace of twenty-first century life create an environment in which it's very challenging to stay healthy at the soul level. Furthermore, there are internal forces - insecurities, broken places, and compulsions. Secret sin can leave us empty.

Just as you must tend to your body to be physically healthy, you must tend to your soul if you want to be spiritually healthy. The Word of God is sharp and effective to change you. And Jesus promised that if we come to Him, in honest prayer, His yoke will be light. If you've been feeling empty - then invite the Lord to fill the hole in your soul. He's ready if you His grip.

Matthew 11:28-30

Coach's tip - Just because you told them, doesn't mean they heard you.

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Hole in My Soul by Lance Witt