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Is it Wrong for a Christian to Drink Alcohol? Pt.1

This has been a long debated topic that likely will continue until the Lord returns. Unfortunately, it has been such a passionate issue for some from both sides that it has broken fellowship and created conflict within the church. The fact is, you could present a strong argument for both views. What I would like to do is bring out four things to consider in this brief 4-part devotional.

Some would argue that it is okay for Christians to drink alcohol because Jesus (likely) drank wine. And Paul even recommended it to Timothy to sooth his stomach issues (1 Tim. 5:23). But that is a weak argument. The wine in Jesus' and Paul's time cannot be compared to today's alcoholic beverages.

Though the wine then could certainly become fermented due to a lack of refrigeration, the actual alcohol content back then was minimal. Borderline grape-juice. It simply was not the same.

That fact is clearly displayed in Acts 2:13-15. The Holy Spirit had come to Pentecost and skeptics who were watching accused Christians of being drunk. But Peter quickly pointed out that would be impossible because it was only 9:00 in the morning. To get drunk with the wine that they drank required hours of lingering consumption. Today, a person can become intoxicated with just two to three quick drinks.

So if you want to drink alcohol today - you can't use the fact that they drank it in the Bible as justification. Think about it, they had water that usually wasn't purified and to mix it with grapes allowed it some cleansing properties. Their choices were very limited. Today, we have multiple juices, sodas, and a myriad of choices. Maybe too many.

Is it wrong for a Christian to drink alcohol? We'll talk more in part His Grip.

Coach's tip - Nothing will kill a great employee faster than watching you tolerate a bad one.

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