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Is it Wrong for a Christian to Drink Alcohol? Pt.4

Finally, let's consider what may be one of the most important reasons as to whether or not is it wrong for a Christian to drink alcohol. And that is your testimony. It is true that we have freedom in Christ (2 Cor. 3:17) but Peter wisely warns to not use that freedom as a way of covering up evil (1 Pet. 2:16).

More than the freedom I have in Christ to drink or eat a certain thing (gotta love that bacon); a bigger concern should be about how I am affecting my testimony by eating or drinking a certain thing.

Romans 14:20-23 reminds us to not eat or drink or do anything that would cause another brother to stumble. So we should abstain in public or in front of a person who thinks doing so is wrong. And further more, do we send a confusing message to a person who does not know Christ if we participate in something that is generally not thought of as Christ-like?

You may be saying, Why should I have to yield to a weaker brother? Shouldn't he just mature in this area? Maybe he should mature and not automatically assume the worst. But the fact is that the Bible tells us - when in doubt - don't. Don't do something that could offend someone.

Is it wrong for a Christian to drink alcohol? No, it is not. But please consider: It's not the same as they drank in the Bible; We should never drink to the point of getting drunk; It is potentially very dangerous; and we must care, first and foremost, about our testimony as Christ-followers. In fact, shouldn't that be the priority in every aspect of our life? His Grip.

Coach's tip - Tip your server well; return your shopping cart; pick up a piece of trash; let someone into your lane; smile. It's the little things that can make a big difference.

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