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It's Who You Know

Many people mistakenly think that entrance into heaven is granted on the basis of one's performance. That what they do will merit them acceptance before God. But it's not what you do that matters; it's who you know.

Jesus said many will claim to do things in His name, but He will dismiss their claims because they never really knew Him. To have life, one needs to have a genuine relationship with Jesus, the giver of life. We come to know Him by putting our ultimate trust and confidence in Jesus - resting in Him and relying on His work on the cross to solve the problem of our sins.

Yes, we should try to do our best and obedience to the Lord is an indication that our relationship with Him is real. But "obedience" is not what saves you. You could never be obedient enough. What saves us is faith in Jesus Christ alone through His grace alone. And when that relationship is genuine, our names are in His book. That is the only way in. Is your name in His book? His grip.

Matthew 7:22-23; 1 John 5:11-12; Revelation 20:11-15

Coach's tip - If you have a good job, one that you enjoy, be sure to appreciate it and thank God for it. Because as valuable as you may think you are, in two weeks, they could find someone else who can do it.

It's Who You Know from Discover God's Word Study Bible

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