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Like a Pig in its Wallow

Romans 1:28-32 describes the results of a culture that rejects God. The list of consequences are those that we see right before our eyes today. God didn't just let people be depraved. God, as an act of judgment, caused them to be depraved. 

Imagine a boy and a girl who are walking down a road together. Imagine their hands brush and eventually they find themselves holding hands. This happens because there is an attraction between them.

Now imagine the same girl is ironing her clothes before going out with the boy and her hand touches the hot iron. She jerks it away. The fact that she jerks her hand away shows antagonism, not attraction.

Paul is saying human beings prove they are lost because they jerk away from God when they come into contact with Him. Human beings are sinners and are not righteous, no matter what they pretend. People are not righteous because they have rejected God. Like a pig in its wallow. His grip

Coach's tip - Creation shouts to us that God exists, and we hear those shouts. We may try to ignore them, but we hear them nonetheless.

Like a Pig...from the Smart Bible Guide, Gib Martin

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