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Moving Forward

General Peter Pace, U.S. Marine said, One thing the Marine Corp teaches is that it's better to be doing something than doing nothing. If you stay where you are, you're in the position where your enemy wants you to be. If you start doing something, you are changing the rules of the game.

What if we applied that principle spiritually? The Bible says, Be careful! Watch out for attacks from the devil, your great enemy. He prowls around like a roaring lion looking for some victim to devour. 

Granted, the devil is a fallen angel and can't be everywhere at the same time. So it is impossible for him to bother you and me at the same time. Satan is NOT like God. Nevertheless, the Bible tells us that he has a lot of help (demons). And, collectively, the devil and his team are trying to thwart and corrupt everything that God created as good.

In light of that, we cannot become stagnant in our walk with God. We must keep moving forward. We must stay alert. A big part of being proactive is spending time in God's Word. And spending time in prayer. Let's pray and dive into God's Word like our life depends on it. Because it His grip.

1Cor. 10:12, Eph. 6:15-16, 1 Pet. 1:13

Coach's tip - God said that trials develop character. I told Him I'm already a character.

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