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Beach Time of Reflection

I am so grateful for the beach and the peace and joy it always brings me whether I am happy, carefree and life is sunny, or I am discouraged, heartbroken and life feels dark and cloudy. Looking over the crystal blue water, listening to the rhythm of the waves and letting the ocean breeze calm my soul as I breathe deeply into the salt air.

I feel my Heavenly Father's presence here.

His strength and power displayed in the waves. His mystery is as great as the depths of the ocean. His endless love goes on forever like the horizon before me. The rhythmic sounds of the waves are like a chorus of praise to His might and holiness as Lord of all and King of Kings. The gentleness of his voice and Spirit is felt in the wind. The warmth of the sun on my skin is His warm embrace that energizes my heart and soul and brings joy to my soul. The treasures I find of shells, sea glass, and heart shaped rocks are His "I love you my child."

His touches from heaven reminding me I am loved, valued and seen by my God, my Abba, my Creator. My footsteps in the sand that the water erases behind me remind me of His forgiveness and that His mercies are new every morning. The smooth untouched sand before me reminds me of the path before me that lies unmarked yet each of my steps, can be taken in confidence and peace knowing that He hold the future and is directing each step. I can trust to walk by faith and not by sight.

Each sunrise and sunset He paints every day with color, light and beauty gives me hope and reminds me that God is constant. He does not change, and He is trustworthy, and His desire is to make my story beautiful no matter how many cloudy or sunny days lay ahead. He wastes nothing.

The beauty of His creation before me reminds me of God Creator and that what He creates is good, beautiful and brings light and life to my eyes - the window of my soul. As I try to capture this moment by taking a photo, it never looks as good as the real thing. He reminds me that no eye has seen, nor ear has heard, no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him. He has eternity in store for me and it is with that hope that I live and breathe and keep pressing on. That one day what I do not see now, what I do not understand, what is breaking my heart will be gone and my faith will be my sight at last.

All I have imagined, longed for and lived for will be my reality as I will see Him face to face and experience fully what the beach can only give me - a glimpse of HIS GLORY. So, as long as I am given breath on this earth and able, I will walk these sandy shores and savor the glimpses of Himself as the waves sing, the sun warms me, the ocean breeze whispers to me, and the treasures I find from Him remind me of His love. And for now that is enough to fill my heart and soul with peace as I savor His presence on sunny days or cloudy days. He is enough.

by Luisel Lawler His grip.

1 Corinthians 2:9

Coach's tip - Not style, not technique, not methodology, but character - is the true test of great leadership.

Tip by John MacArthur

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