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No shame.

No list of what is being held against us.

No record or wrongs.

It simply has been done away with.

It is not longer an issue.

Bringing it up is pointless.

Beating myself up is pointless.

God is not interested in shaming people.

God wants people to see who they really are in Christ.

Let us live up to what we have already obtained.

I am not who I was.

You are not who you were.

Old person going away, new person here, now.

Reborn, re-birthed, remade, reconciled, renewed.

Not the same.

Not even close.

Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Romans 8:1

Coach's tip - Why is it that when someone you love scratches your back, it always feels better than when you scratch your back yourself? Maybe it's the secure love that comes from an appropriate touch.

Tip from Tim Kimmel

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