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According to the Bible, the Holy Spirit, who indwells us, helps us in our weakness. He helps us when we pray and don’t really know what to say. He pleads for us to have our life in harmony with God’s will. He causes everything to work for our own good and according to God’s purpose. He has removed condemnation and gives us strength, not only to resist temptation but to have victory over it. The Holy Spirit is our guarantee that our position is secure and that nothing and no one can separate us from the love of God.

If you are like me, you don’t always feel that confident and that secure. But, thank God, we do not have to rely on our feelings. Take a moment today and read the great promises and truths that are in Romans 8 (can click link below). God is so good…in His grip.

Coach's tip – Parents: Just because your kids have questions or doubts, doesn’t mean they have lost their faith. It just means, like you, they are in the middle of the unique process of clarifying authentic faith.

Happy Birthday to Jessica Patterson, Louis Leon and Cecilia Butzberger …I prayed for you today.

I'd be honored to pray for you on your birthday - please send me your birthday (if you haven't already).

I'd be honored to pray for you on your anniversary - please send me your anniversary date and the year you were married (if you haven't already).

Tip by Reggie Joiner

Bible Link:

Wits End – What’s Going Into Your Head?