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Pain is Part of Life

Pain is part of life, but it is never easy to suffer, no matter what the cause. Jesus commended the church in Smyrna for its faith in suffering. He then encouraged the believers that they need not fear the future if they remained faithful. 

Sometimes we suffer because of our poor decisions. From them, hopefully, we learn. But sometimes suffering, even in America, can come from a form of persecution for being a Christ-follower. Persecution comes from the enemy. But believers need not fear even death, because it will only result in their receiving the crown of life. Satan, and his team, may try to harm believers earthly bodies, but they can never do them spiritual harm.

If you are experiencing difficult times, don't let them turn you away from God. Instead let them draw you toward greater faithfulness. God remains in complete control. Jesus never says that by being faithful to Him we will avoid troubles, suffering, and persecution. Rather, we must be faithful to him in our sufferings. Only then will our faith prove to be genuine. We remain faithful by keeping our eyes on Christ and what He promises us now and in the future. Trust God and remember your heavenly His grip.

Revelation 2:8-11

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Pain is Part of Life from the Life Application Study Bible

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