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Power of a Punctuation

Heard about the woman who was traveling through Europe with a friend that tended to be extravagant. Finding this rich tapestry in a quaint shop in Madrid, the spendthrift text her husband to see if she could get it. She text that it was a steal at $7,000 and wanted to know if she should go ahead and buy it. He text back: NO COST TOO HIGH!. Two weeks later she returned home with the tapestry. Her husband hollered, I said, NO, COST TOO HIGH! His wife replied, Oh, I thought you said, NO COST TOO HIGH!

We can be misunderstood, will be. We all need to pay attention to what punctuation we are using when communicating. Let's make sure we are communicating the Lord we love and remember that the Lord loves the person you're communicating His grip.

Colossians 4:6

Coach's tip - Being left alone by the enemy is not evidence of being blessed. 

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