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Sad But True

It's sad but true that achievement can be gained at the expense of character. Cheaters sometimes win. One-dimensional people can often end up with more money. Selfishness, cunning, and backstabbing are often the faster tracks to fame. 

But what is also sad and true is that "success" by those means leads to emptiness and, eventually, regret. True success comes from a commitment to achievement as a way to glorify God as well as a way to make one more valuable to others. Ask God to reveal that which motivates you. Is it for you? Or is it for Him? His grip.

Romans 8:28

Coach's tip - Spelling words very few people can actually use doesn't necessarily make you a better person, just a better speller. Being the best violinist in the city, the best math student in the school district, or the best quarterback in the conference doesn't make our children more valuable as people. It won't necessarily make their future brighter either. Kids need to know that their intrinsic value has nothing to do with where they place in the race. It is based on who they are in Christ.

from Grace Based Parenting by Tim Kimmel

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