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Satan is Very Real

Many regard Satan as merely a myth; they don't think of him as a real enemy intent on destruction. But Satan is very real. In Revelation 12:3-11, we get a glimpse that Satan is actively opposed to all that God is going. He doesn't just idly watch. Also, Satan and his demons, target those who are followers of Jesus. He stirs up trouble for them and seeks to disturb their trust in Jesus. He and his team of demons are constantly trying to cause doubt, discouragement, and distraction.

Those who follow Jesus can be sure of victory over evil beings. However, it will only come through the power of the sacrifice that Jesus made on our behalf and our willingness to hold on to that - even in the face of death. Do not underestimate your enemy. He has destroyed the lives of many—even those who professed allegiance to Jesus.

One more thing to think about. Don't ever talk to demons. Don't try to banish them, rebuke them, or worse, try to talk to them about what they are doing. Instead, go to and talk to Jesus. Let Him know that you feel oppression and feel like you are under attack, and ask Jesus to remove the enemy. Ask the Lord to give you victory in Jesus and protect you. You can't do it on your own. But Jesus His grip.

1 Peter 5:8, 1 John 3:8

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Satan is Very Real, in part from Discover God's Word Study Bible.

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