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Seeming Chaos

In a factory building there are wheels and gearings. There are cranks, pulleys, belts either tight or slack. Some are whirling swiftly; some are turning slowly; some are thrusting forward; some are pulling back; some are smooth and silent; some are rough and noisy, pounding, rattling, clanking, moving with a jerk.

In a wild confusion of seeming chaos - lifting, pushing, driving - but they do their work. From the mightiest lever to the smallest cog or gear, all things move together for the purpose planned. And behind the working is a mind controlling, and force directing, and a guiding hand.

So all things are working, for the Lord's beloved. Some things might be hurtful if alone they stood. Some might seem to hinder. Some draw us backward, but they work together, and they work for good. All the thwarted longings, all the stern denials, all the contradictions - hard to understand. And the force that holds them, speeds them and retards them, stops them and starts them - is our Father's His grip.

Genesis 42:36; Romans 8:28

Coach's tip - Sometimes I exercise - I jump to conclusions, run from my problems, sidestep responsibility, and push my luck.  It's exhausting...

Seeming Chaos by Annie Johnson Flint

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