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Singing in the Fire

Charles H. Spurgeon, who suffered greatly with poor health for more than 25 years, tells of a time in his life when he was resting on his couch as the night grew darker asking God, Why?  With a sorrowful heart, he asked, Why does God allow His Church to experience such bitter pain? Why allow lingering weakness to hinder the sweet service one longs to give?

Have you ever had times like that? Where you just feel beat up. Physically and emotionally. Spurgeon continues his story as he hears a soft sound; a faint, yet clear, musical note, like a tender robin beneath his window. But knowing it could not be a bird at that time of night he suddenly realized it was coming from the fire. The fire was unshackling the imprisoned music from deep with the old oak’s heart. Then he realized: When the fires of affliction draw songs of praise from within us, we are indeed purified, and our God is glorified!

It is the fires burning around us that release notes of trust in God and bring cheerful compliance with His will. Yes, singing in the fire. God helping us, sometimes using the only way He can to get the harmony from our hard and apathetic hearts. Even though your eyes may cry, may your heart sing…in His grip.

Psalm 66:10

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Singing in the Fire from Streams in the Desert

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