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Tell me something, do you love me?

That's a question I would ask my kids as they grew up. And, of course, I would say it in a loving, somewhat desperate, voice. Fortunately, my kids always affirmed with a, Yes, Daddy, I love you. Do you know that Jesus said something similar to us? He said, If you love Me, you will obey what I command.

Do you love the Lord? My bet is that you do. And that you would say with all sincerity as Peter did, Lord, you know all things, you know that I love you. Ask Him to help you show it, today, through your His grip.

John 14:15, 21:16-17

Coach's tip - For her birthday, a husband bought his wife a mood ring. When she is in a good mood, it turns green. When she's in a bad mood, it leaves a red mark on his forehead.