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Twas the day before Christmas

Twas the day before Christmas and all through the house mother was scurrying around like a mouse. Father was adding the bills one by one wondering what in the world they had done. The children were hyper from all the cookies and candy they ate and not going to bed till really really late. When out of the chaos came God’s whisper of love reminding them all of His gift sent from above. “This is not what Christmas is suppose to be - all busy and frantic and stressed out instead of reflecting on Me. A Savior is born to you this day He came to die and your sins to pay. So you could be free to live in peace and joy. So lay down your holiday burdens and all that annoy, the hustle and bustle of finding the right toys. The best gift of all was already given with joy. Let’s celebrate the birth of our Immanuel for it’s His story that we should tell. During this season we should love and not fuss for it is when we celebrate “God with us!”
Come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord.
Luisel Lawler

Coach's Tip - Parents of teen or pre-teens: Teens don't always have the best skills when it comes to communication. In fact, that child who used to talk all the time now gets real quiet. Their feelings and their hormones are bouncing around inside of them like a ping-pong ball in a tornado. So, you'll need to do a better job communicating than when they were younger. The burden is on you.