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Felix Jardio was 60 years-old. He lived in the Philippines way out where nobody else lived. He farmed a simple little farm. He saved his money for years so that he could buy an ox to help him plow. He finally saved enough money and he went out to look for an ox to buy. 

You know he found? That all of the money he had saved was worthless. Because the government of the Philippines had ordered that all Philippine paper money be exchanged for the new currency called Bagong Lipunan. All savings stashed up in the old currency after a certain date was useless. 

And so, in 1975, Felix had a little school boy write a letter for him because he could not read or write. The little boy wrote to the President. And he said... "after all, Mr. Jardio is poor and he doesn't read and he doesn't write and he's just an ignorant rice farmer. Can't you please let his money be good?"

Felix got a letter back that the boy read to him: The law must be followed. Because the deadline for exchanging bills has already passed. The government can no longer change your bills for the new ones. Even the President of the Philippines is not exempt from this rule. 

But the letter didn't end there. It added this: However, because I believe that you really worked hard to save this money, I am changing your money for new money from my own personal funds. And now you will be able to buy your ox. And the letter was signed: Your friend, Ferdinand Marcos, President of the Philippines. 

Felix had no right. The President gave it out of his own funds. You and I are in that same position. All the stuff we have been piling up all of our lives that we expect to purchase our redemption is useless. And nothing you can do or say is going to make it valuable. But when God sees the humble heart, He puts His currency to its account. 

Blessed is the man against who the Lord will not count his sin. Romans 4:8

Coach's tip - Intelligence: Spotting a flaw in someone else's conduct. Wisdom: Not mentioning it.

Feliz Jordio story from John MacArthur message: Justified by Faith. p3