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When do you fight? When do you give up?

Have you read the story Jesus told in Luke 18:1-8 where the persistent lady kept pushing the issue? Which knock on the door did the unjust judge answer? Was it the last one or an accumulation of all of them? If the woman had quit knocking, she would not have received a response. 

Human nature usually gives up too soon on things that matter. We set a goal, and when we run into a snag, we go a different direction or give up altogether. But certain things - often the most important and fulfilling ones - can be achieved only through perseverance. Making a baby is easier than raising a child. Falling in love and getting married is rather simple; staying happily married is quite another matter.

Have you regretted anything you have given up on in the past? Don't repeat your mistakes. It's not so much a matter of guilt and remorse but of learning from the past. If you're always moving on, you'll rarely move forward. If we have any hope of obtaining our goals, we'd better learn the importance of not giving up. Perserverance and faith are two sides of the same His grip.

Coach's tip - Dusty Bibles always lead to dirty lives.

When do you fight? Alan Nelson in Coached by Jesus

tip by Howard Hendricks

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