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Who Can Stop You?

God has promised to produce a harvest in your life. Like the farmer, when the day starts there will be work to do. When you plow there, likely, will be stumps, rocks and very hard ground.

When those obstacles come, though you may feel like crying, you don't quit. You don't tell yourself you're a bad farmer. You don't ignore them. You ask God to help you cut through them, help you remove them, and help you break them. Working as if the results relied on you. And praying as if they rely on God.

Because, eventually, you'll see the fruit of your labor. And though you "worked as unto the Lord," you know that "every good thing comes from the Lord." Remember to pick up the shield of faith and all of the armor as you go through your day. Knowing "if God is for you," who can stop His grip.

James 1:17, Colossians 3:23, Romans 8:31

Coach's tip - They may ask you to put a mask on your face, but don't let that muzzle your Message.

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