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Why do you go to work in the morning?


Is it to make money? To pay the mortgage? Put the kids through school and make the car payment? Most people, when asked that question, would say they go to work to earn a living.

There’s nothing wrong with that answer. But it is far from the only reason to go to work. Sure, we all need money to survive. The problem occurs when making money is separated from giving purpose and meaning to life. The challenge for anyone is to make a difference while making a living. That means making money and meaning during the workday. 2 Thessalonians 3:10 reminds us that if you want to eat – you gotta work. And Colossians 3:17 tells us that whatever we do we should do it as unto the Lord. So there is no excuse for not working hard (to those privileged to be employed).

As you go through your week, whether in a vocation or as a volunteer; whether at a location or at home – God wants your job to be an act of worship as you carry out His will. You may not be doing what God would have you do in the near future, but I am confident in how He wants you to work today. May God truly bless your work for Him today and all week as you seek to bring Him glory…in His grip.

Coach's tip – Everyone wants a harvest but few want to plow.

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Why do you go to work…by Mark Sanborn