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Grade Exchange

I heard about two boys in the fifth grade. One of them made straight A's; the other barely passed every year. Despite their different grades, they were best friends and had been since kindergarten. Near the end of the school year, they had a big math test. The first boy sailed through it; the second, who needed to make a C to pass, struggled. 

After class, the first asked how he did. I don't think I made it, he said. That day at recess, while everyone played outside, the first boy sneaked back into the classroom, shuffled through the stack of tests, and found their two. He erased his name on his and wrote his friend's name there and then wrote his name on his friend's. The first kid was willing to exchange his grade so that his friend could pass. If his friend had failed, he would have been held back the next year and they couldn't have gone through school together anymore.

God longs to have you with Him. That's why He created you. But your sin separates you from Him. It has to, if God is just. You have to be innocent before God. So, to get you back, God took your sin upon Himself, and He died to pay for it. That satisfies His justice. In exchange, He offers you a not-guilty verdict. He offers it as a free His grip.

Romans 6:23-26

Coach's tip - These are crazy times. I don't know what the future holds. But I do know Who holds me.

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