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You Have Something On Your Face

When that's true, don't you want to be told? My wife's usually not happy about it when I tell her she has something on her face or stuck in her teeth. Maybe it's how I tell her. 

In Exodus 34, Moses' face was considerably different to the point where everyone noticed, In this case, it was glowing and radiant. Why? Because he had been with God. The people could clearly see God's presence in him.

How often do you spend time with God outside the corporate setting of church? Although your face may not light up the room, time spent in prayer, reading the Bible, and meditating should have such an effect on your life that the people will know that you have been with God. 

Today, may we all reflect the light that shines so brightly in our His grip.

Coach's tip - Remember, if you win the're still a rat.

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