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You sin too!


A friend and I are reading through the book of Romans. After reading chapter one I thought, Oh, what has America come too?  Then we read chapter two which reminded me not to be so self-righteous because I sin too.

Don’t think that just because bad things are happening to someone else that it’s due to their sin. You sin too! In Luke 13, Jesus had to correct those who thought that some Galileans who had suffered and some workers who had died in a construction accident had suffered due to their sin. Ultimately, everything bad is due to sin but Jesus’ point was that we need not judge the circumstances of others. Whether a person is killed in a tragic accident or miraculously survives is not a measure of righteousness.

Instead of judging others, you and I had better be concerned about our own sin. Because if we don’t deal with it – we will face the consequences. Jesus shared a similar story in the Sermon on the Mount when He reminded us to get the plank out of our own eye before we try to remove the speck in our friend’s.

in His grip.

Matthew 7:1-6

Coach's tip – God help the sheep when the wolf is judge.


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