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MercyMe Coming Up to Breathe CD

MercyMe Coming Up to Breathe CD

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Coming Up To Breath

Safe and Sound
So Long Self
You (are to blame)
3:42 am (Writer's Block)
Something About You
The Rythm
Bring The Rain
One Trick Pony
Last One Standing
No More No Less
Where I Belong
Hold Fast
Die For You
Have Fun

Four years ago, the hard working band from Texas, MercyMe, was propelled into the spotlight with several hit songs. Millions of radio listeners who may not have ever considered themselves fans of Christian music suddenly found themselves singing along to songs like "I Can Only Imagine", "Here With Me" and "Homesick". 

After the success of their first hit, "I Can Only Imagine," the group found themselves juggling 250 performances a year. MercyMe experienced success beyond their wildest dreams but were also faced with some of the greatest personal challenges of their lives. Although at times they were overwhelmed, they came up to breathe with their faith intact. 

This time around, MercyMe locked themselves in a studio with award winning producer Brown Bannister and poured out all that was on their hearts. Not concerned with the songs fitting a certain "theme", MercyMe put their focus on creating a record that is a testimony to God’s sustaining grace while continuing to explore musical landscapes. The result is the most upbeat and accessible record of their career with "Coming Up To Breathe”.