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Starfield Beauty in the Broken CD
Starfield Beauty in the Broken CD

Starfield Beauty in the Broken CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Jewel Case.


01. My Generation
02. The Hand That Holds The World
03. Son Of God
04. Everything Is Beautiful
05. Captivate
06. Great Is The Lord
07. Unashamed
08. Love Is The Reversal
09. Obsession
10. Glorious One
11. Shipwreck
Beauty In The Broken follows Starfield’s critically acclaimed debut release. More than 200 yearly performances, including several Youth Specialties Conferences, have established a loyal following. Singer/ writer Tim Neufeld says of the new album, “The underlying theme of the CD is the idea of looking through the everyday and into the sacred... the idea that the sacred IS the reality, and not the earthly. It’s about us fitting into God’s reality and not the reverse…” The songs are the full range of the human response to this kind of grand theme… abandonment, surrender, apprehension, doubt, joy and more…