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Bleach Best of Album : Audio/Visual CD/DVD

Bleach Best of Album : Audio/Visual CD/DVD

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01. Good To Be Alive
02. Must Be Divine
03. Epidermis Girl
04. Perfect Family
05. Super Good Feeling
06. All To You
07. Sun Stands Still
08. What Will Your Anthem Be
09. We Are Tomorrow
10. Knocked Out
11. Baseline
12. Get Up
13. December
14. Jaded Now
15. Girlfriend In A Coma
16. Condition
17. Clear The Air
18. Farewell Old Friends
"Energetic and fun rock 'n roll, tightly wrapped in a beautiful package" replies a smiling Milam Byers, lead guitarist for Bleach, when asked about the band¹s live show. "That was an incredible rock show" adds Sam Barnhart, rhythm guitarist. "That is what I want people to be thinking when they leave one of our shows. "Over the last six years, we have really had the chance to find out what works and what doesn¹t work in our live show," says lead vocalist, Dave Baysinger. "I am really excited to see where we have come from, and even more excited about the direction we are heading." Bleach¹s history from 1993-until 2005 has delivered so great songs and now that we are saying good bye, lets take a look at them all!

  • Scanning History of over 175,000 units.
  • Album features all of their top radio hits, songs from each of their albums, and 2 brand new songs.