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The Send Cosmos CD

The Send Cosmos CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Jewel Case.


01. Need
02. Fairweather
03. An Epiphany
04. Blocking The Sun
05. Begin
06. The Fall
07. Drown
08. Santiam
09. The Science Of The Sky
10. Dawn And Dusk
11. Say
12. Fire Colors
13. In Repose
Joe Kisselburgh always dreamed of being more than just a guitar player. When his previous outfit, Falling Up, began making a serious impact in the CCM marketplace he played his pivotal role, while never losing sight of his ultimate goal: to become a songwriter, lyricist, frontman, and musical conduit. As the days turned into weeks, and eventually years, the tug on his heart to pursue his desires became undeniable. He was left with a vital decision. So the journey began anew for Joe, armed only with an idea—The Send— which is a reference to the progression of the thought from his mind and soul to his music and finally to the listener. However, the songs themselves had been a long time in coming. After several years of work he finally had the material he needed to craft The Send’s debut release, Cosmos.