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Marc James Surrender CD

Marc James Surrender CD

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1. I Worship you Now

2. Great is Your Faithfulness

3. Father Above

4. Surrrender

5. You Love Endures Forever

6. Blessed Rain

7. Jesus Your Love is All I Need

8. Everything That I Am

9. King of All Grace

10. He Reigns

Marc James is many things. A talented songwriter, an awesome guitarist, a vocalist with a voice of rough-hewn granite, and he's a worshipper. For years he has been one of the UK Vineyards most progressive songwriters and vocalists, featured on albums `Holy' and `Sweetly Broken'. Listening to the track, "Surrender", the lyrics of sharing in Christ's pain, or laying a life down at the foot of the cross, can only come from a heart that is heaven-bent. When Listening to Marc James you will hear passion, Listen out for passion, beautiful melodies and arresting lyrics, and you will hear a voice that's as raw and honest as they come.