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Charlie Hall The Rising CD

Charlie Hall The Rising CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Jewel Case.


01. The Rising (A Song Of Ascent)
02. Let The Earth Awake
03. Ransom
04. Constant
05. King Of Heaven
06. God Ablaze
07. Lamp
08. Yesterday Is Gone
09. Deeper In Love
10. Breathe
11. Make Me Alive
12. Sleep And Dreams
"The journey of songs that form The Rising come from the pursuit of God in everyday life and God’s pursuit of us. Much like the Psalms, these songs speak of the ascension to, and the embracing of God inside the intense, peaceful and mundane places in life and all of the emotions that fill those spaces. Written from the perspective of the prodigal, poet, pastor, devoted, and the Healer, the poetry and music in this collection of songs encompass devotion to a beautiful God, and the wrestling with our wanderings and the prayers that beg God to be engaging and moving in our beautiful and broken world. The Rising is the ascent, the forward motion and the open heart toward the life giving, healing God, day to day and throughout our lives." 
-Charlie Hall