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Hawk Nelson Crazy Love & The Light Sides 2CD

Hawk Nelson Crazy Love & The Light Sides 2CD

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Factory Sealed. Comes in Digipak.


01. Tally-Ho
02. Your Love Is A Mystery
03. Crazy Love
04. My Next Breath
05. We're Alright
06. Skeleton
07. We Can Change The World
08. One Shot
09. Fraud
10. Joanna
11. LAX
12. Done Holding On
13. Thanks For The Beautiful Memories
01. California (Acoustic)
02. Friend Like That (Acoustic)
03. Zero (Acoustic)
04. Stagefright (Acoustic)
05. First Time (Acoustic)
06. You Have What I Need (Acoustic)
07. Everything You Ever Wanted (Acoustic)
08. Head On Collision (Acoustic)
09. Long Ago (Acoustic)
10. Take Me (Acoustic)
11. 36 Days (Acoustic)
The Lights Sides: features 11 of Hawk Nelson’s biggest hits done in an acoustic style – “California” “Everything You Ever Wanted” and “Bring ‘Em Out”- Included in the 2 Disc Set!